Volunteers are a huge part of the FIRST Tech Challenge Program! Have a life-changing impact on the lives of young people.


• Volunteer at an event

• Judge Teams at an event

• Mentor or coach a team

• Lend technical or professional expertise

• Speak to a team about your profession or company in the STEM/Tech community.

Become a FIRST Volunteer
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Commitment is Flexible.

One time resource, as needed basis, or provide regular guidance.


Works with the team in their area of expertise. Helps provide valuable support and guidance. Directs the process the team follows to solve the yearly game challenge, without providing the solution themselves.


  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Robot Programming/ Software Engineering (Java)
  • Electrical Engineering
  • CAD
  • Applying and understanding Engineering concepts
  • Talk with the team about your career or job in a STEM field
  • Project Management
  • Marketing / Digital Marketing
  • Event Planning / Logistics
  • Scholarship / Awards / Career
  • Finance / Fundraising / Grants
  • Machining / Woodworking

Event Volunteering

A volunteer donates their time to fill necessary roles at competition events. Min age of 13, some roles require min age of 21. Training is provided.  Flexible, usually requires full day commitment on competition days; highly rewarding.


Our FTC Program is in most need of Competition Judges. The primary role of a judge is to interview teams, and to decide which teams deserve an award based on team interviews, the robot, match play, and the engineering portfolio.



  • Judging
  • Score Keeper
  • Referee
  • Field Manager
  • Field Technical Manager
  • Robot Inspector
  • Wi-Fi Technical Advisor
  • Queuer
  • and more


Check out our full list of volunteer opportunities here!

PRESENTATIONS: Please contact us if your business would like a personalized presentation at your business/company. Our team will share about FIRST, and how your company & employees can get involved as volunteers and/or mentors.

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Become a FIRST Volunteer


Become a FIRST Volunteer
Become a FIRST Volunteer
Become a FIRST Volunteer