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Season Highlights

This season we were lucky enough to be able to build a second drivetrain. This allowed us to continue to have drive practice, compete in qualifiers and refine coding all while we developed our lift system on a second drivetrain. Our initial robot is named Darth Matter and our final robot is named Luke Skystone.

Northshore Qualifier 4:  2/1/20

  • 1st Place Inspire Award
  • Winning Alliance Captain

Destrehan Qualifier 1:  11/9/19

  • 1st Place Connect Award
  • 3rd Place Alliance Captain

Hammond Qualifier 3:  1/25/20

  • 1st Place Think Award
  • Finalist Alliance
  • Inspire Award - 1st Runner-Up
  • Connect Award - 2nd Runner-Up
  • Innovate Award - 2nd Runner-Up
  • Motivate Award - 2nd Runner-Up








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Louisiana State

Championship:  2/29/20

  • 1st Place Inspire Award
  • Finalist Alliance
  • Motivate Award Runner-Up
  • Innovate Award Runner-Up
  • Advancement to the Houston FIRST World Championship
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2019-20 Season

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Season Highlights